Mas Suéjol

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Traveller’s Choice 2018 for Mas Suéjol: Top 25 of guest-rooms in France

2018 begins quite well for us.

We had the very good surprise to receive the 2018 Traveller’s Choice price by Tripadvisor….

Wich means… they says we are classified (with the help of some strange, mysterious and complex algorithm) beyond the 25 best guest-rooms…in France


And ever better, we are classified as the … 14th one.












Of course we know that we have to be very modest with it , and probably it exists much more than 13 guest rooms in France with better services and confort tha Mas Suéjol. Never mind, we stay proud and anyway it means that our guests enjoy our house and us our best award…

Thank’s all our 256 guets who left such good advices and high marks which permits this award.

And the others ones, who forgot to do it, leave it for tomorrow, believe it’s doesn’t have any use or think we don’t need it … you can still help for next year again …