Mas Suéjol

Our favorites in the region

You won’t get bored in Mas Suéjol. Between idleness, walks and rides, and the discovery of the surrounding sites, sports activities, ludic or cultural. A full week will be even quite short to discover Anduze area, between the Cevennes and the Mediteranean...
We are at your disposal to indicate good addresses, good plans, our favorite places, restaurants and suppliers so that you can make the most of your holidays.

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Near Mas Suéjol (within 15km)

In Anduze (Office du tourisme (en) you will be able to stroll in the morning and the evening, to discover in the narrow shaded streets of old Anduze, the covered market and the fountain pagoda, or to choose lively place of “Plan of Brie” to drink a pastis or to have an ice-cream at coffee terrace, have dinner in one of the many restaurants of the neighborhoods, shop twice a week on Thursday, and at night on Tuesday in July and August), or go to the flee market on Sunday morning… Fontaine Pagode

In Anduze, you will find the atmosphere, the taste and the mildness of the southern cities of France.


The famous Bamboo plantation Bambouseraie (en) near Anduze is one the main touristic attraction of the area. Count at least about two hours for the visit, preferably in the morning, to go round this extraordinary botanical garden, with or without a guide. The bamboos are naturally starred, in all its forms , but you will also see giant magnolias, redwoods, a Laotian “village”, and, in the Valley of Dragon, a unique collection of Japanes Maples.

Petit train à vapeurYou can also reach the Bamboo plantation with the small steam train (petit train à vapeur des Cévennes) which runs between Anduze and Saint-Jean-du-Gard (about 15 km), and which stops at Générargues, station of the Bambouseraie. This excursion will give you a good idea of what the Cevennes landscapes are like.

Musée Maison Rouge

Saint-Jean-du-Gard is a small village at the beginning of deeper Cevennes valleys, and deserves a stop. While getting out of the steam train; you can visit the Museum of the Cevennes Valleys recalling history and traditional life in the Cevennes (the new Musée Maison Rouge will open in 2017). One can make a break while going up towards the Corniche des Cévennes towards Florac.

Guerre des CamisardsBetween Saint-Jean-du-Gard and Anduze by the road of Mialet, you will be able to visit the Musée du Désert (en) , which houses a chief of Camisards’ insurrection, at the beginning of the 18th Century, and became a high place of the Protestantism. You will understand better how much this period of resistance to the royal capacity after the Revocation of the Edit de Nantes (from 1685 to 1787) forged the cultural identity of the Cevennes area.
Grotte de TrabucThe amateurs of natural curiosities will enjoy the beneficial freshness of the cave grotte de Trabuc (en) which entry is located just above the Musée du Desert.

Baignade GardonThere, you will discover superb rooms and an underground limpid blue lake.

Always on this road, after Mialet, le pont des Abarines is an ideal place for lovers of  river bathing. It overhangs crystalline water of Gardon de Mialet. We will be able to indicate the best spots around. Lots of nices villages are located on this magnificent valley.


Don’t leave our region without taking the time for a walk around. Circuits are accessible to all levels-some starting from Mas Suejol – and you will be spoilt for choice for others routes located a few minutes’ drive. In all cases, you can find detailed maps and guidebooks at the reception. We are pleased  to advice you, of course

Some region gardens around are worth for a visit: Le jardin du Mazet (en) – centric culture herbal near Lassalle, the Bonsaï Arboretum (en) on Mialet road; and close to Suéjol, the garden Mas de la Frigoule, recently opened and still under development.

If you enjoy horse riding, our immediate neighbor, the Centre équestre d’Anduze (en), (as other riding centers in the neighborhood, Vabres or Luziers for instance) propose you stroll or initiation (ponies for children or donkeys in Luziers).
Four sites of trail in the trees parcours aventure (accrobranches (en) ) for everybody are located in the vicinity  of Anduze. Some , located on the river banks will permit a picnic on the spot, and discovery activities for youngers.

Poteries d'Anduze

Festival de la Céramique

In the surroundings (towards Alès, St Jean-du-Gard or Nîmes), you can visit the shops -and, for some of them, manufacturers ateliers- of the famous Anduze potteries (for example the Poteries de la Madeleine, Les Enfants de Boisset, le Chêne Vert (en), Ampholia and some more which have become very fashionable over the last twenty years.

In some workshops you will discover ceramists, glass, wood carver, painters. If you are around mid-August, do not miss the famous Ceramics Festival , a national event, where you can admire (and buy!) works of artists from all over France.

Productions localesYou will also discover in Anduze or around, the various local sellers or producers of some nice wines of Piemont Cevenol or Languedoc, jams, honey, olive oil, chestnuts products, and of course the famous pélardons (small goat milk cheese) etc… We will share with you our advices and our favorite addresses.


Discovering the Cevennes

Anduze and the Mas Suéjol is located at the south-eastern limit of the magnificent Parc National des Cévennes (en) , world reserve of biosphere, classified in the Word Heritage Site by Unesco.

Vers le Mont Lozère

La Corniche des Cévennes
To get to know the Cevennes start walking around from Mas Suéjol. Then you need a car (you may prefer a donkey, like did the writer Stevenson:-) and more time ( a full day) to go and admire the solid massif de l’Aigoual which culminates at more than 1500 m, to reach the corniche des Cévennes and its extraordinary panoramas towards the Mont Lozère (en), to discover the old ways of sheep transhumance (drailles), to go up the Vallée Française or the Vallée Borgne, to stroll in the lanes of its typically Cevennes villages, to taste the wild peace of the Causse Méjean a”silence on earth”-  above Florac (en), to visit the Aven Armand (en), and reach the gorges du Tarn (en), or one of the most spectacular ones la Jonte, and stop for a drink in Meyrueis (en).

Musee-de-la-soieIf you go towards the massif de l’Aigoual going through the Piemont cévenol in the west of Anduze, you will cross charming villages of Dufort, Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort (where you can see the Silk Muséum, memory of the sericulture in Cévennes, last economic activity of the area in the past), Sauve, under total restauration, then Ganges et Le Vigan (en).
Don’t miss the Jardin des Sambucs, a magical and poetic place to discover near Le Vigan.

The deep Cevennes is a unique place. It would be such a reward for us if you could share our enthusiasm and love for this region and wish to come and visit us again other seasons than summer.

Alès and its area, East of Anduze (20-40 km)

Alès (en) the nearest city, is rich of its history, its cultural heritage and its dynamism after the crisis related to the closing of the coal mines in the 70’s. One finds the memory of this working past by visiting the Mine témoin. The Musée Pierre-André Benoît (en) (PAB) gathers a remarkable unit of works of contemporary art (Picasso, Braque, Alechinsky, Miro…) within the surroundings of the renovated residence of the Ales’ bishops.

VézénobresNear Alès, you can climb on the top of the medieval village Vézénobres, which has been beautifully renewed.

Château de PortesIn the opposite direction, the visit of the Fossil Forest close to La-Grand-Combe will make you go back to  prehistory. You can stop at the Château de Portes (en) , built in the 12th century, dominating the surroundings on its promotory at the edge of the ancient Voie Régordane.

And a little further, Nîmes’ area, la Provence, l’Ardèche, la Camargue and the Mediterranean

Le Pont du Gard


Le Pont du Gard (en) is a major site of the Roman history in France, registered in world heritage of UNESCO. All the environment of the monument was reconsidered to present its history (museum, outside exposure, ludic animations for young people, hiking trails, site-visit, night shows during summer).
For the amateurs of canoë-kayak , you can try a family’s excursion on alleviated Gardon water (during summer!), from a base located near  Pont du Gard (other possibilities are on la Cèze  (several sites) or l’Héraultt, includind activities of rafting, canyoning, etc...

Le Pont du Gard is located at about equal distance from three iconic cities of the South of France:

Arènes de NîmesNîmes, its Roman arenas (en), and its Féria of Pentecost, its town center with the small pedestrian streets and  very animated small squares , the famous Maison Carrée (en), the media library arts center located just opposite, Jardins de la Fontaine , and very soon (in 2017)the Musée de la Romanité….

Uzès, le marché place aux herbesUzès, where you will stroll to admire the  magnificently restored  town center. Why not have a drink or a meal on the famous Place aux Herbes, do some shopping in the creator or decor stores in the pedestrian streets of the old city center.

Very near from here, the Haribo museum(en) is a perfect stop. A well deserved reward for children.

Quite near, you can visit Saint-Quentin la Poterie, a charming village with tens of poteries and ceramist ateliers.

Avignon (en), the City of the Popes, and its famous theatre festival in summer, its old city in the ramparts.

La Camargue

Arles (en) and the Camargue are not so far either for a cultural (museums, arenas, walks) or playful (visiting herds, ornithological observation walks) day.


Grotte Chauvet Pont D'ArcThe Grotte Chauvet in Vallon Pont d’Arc (Caverne du Pont d’Arc (en)). This place generates intense emotion thanks to its exceptional reconstitution.  It was opened in 2015. The Grotte Chauvet is located in Ardèche (and hour and half from Anduze.



And, if you feel like going to the sea you can’t miss the beaches of Montpellier, an hour and half by car from Mas Suéjol. You’ll find large protected natural spaces, the beach of dunes of l’Espiguette (en), or a more “romantic” one Maguelone (en) at the edge of a laguna . You like lively places and marinas? The resorts of Languedoc, as la Grande-Motte (en) an iconic place of the  60’s and 70’s, in full renewal, or a more traditional one, le Grau-du Roi (en).

Plage de l'EspiguetteLa-Grande-MotteLe-Grau-du-Roi