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Maison Rouge: Museum of cevenoles valleys (St-Jean-du-Gard) finally open

Finally, still middle of september it became real. We waited this museum  “Maison Rouge” from so may years that we began to believe it will never born. But the result is really great and we are rewarded well for our patience.

Located in a former old silk spinning of Saint-Jean-du-Gard, a magnificent building, so well renovated  and completed by very contemporary extensions, the museum shelters a very large part of ancient traditions ad life and cultureof of old time life in the Cevennes valleys. Count two hours at least for a complete visit

Let’s hope that his opening will mark a revival of activity in Saint-Jean and will give our guest envy to disover not only the museum itself but also the beautifull village of Saint-Jean-du- Gard (meriting more than the simple roun trip from Anduze by the little steam train.