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Raining museum…

Winter is coming… or rather autumn, of course we could tell about magnificent red colors of nature, chesnuts, mushrooms, and beautifull winter sky perfect for walking around or climb to Mont Lozère or l’Aigoual ….

But also, the cultural offer filled out a lot lately with two major openings of museums in Nîmes and Arles.








Besides the Maison Rouge Museum  (Museum of the Cévennes traditions) opened in 2018 in Saint-Jean-du-Gard, which is really worth the visit, another new museum was born at the beginning of summer, in Nîmes, the Musée de la Romanité, just placed in front of arenas, builds by Elisabeth de Portzamparc.

As its name indicates, it is dedicated to the Roman history of Nîmes and  region, and proposes magnificent collections and numerous explanations on the everyday life in this time.

Besides in quite a different register, in Arles, is the Luma Foundation already installed in the former warehouses of the SNCF, which extends now with the construction of Frank Gehry’s tower which rises in the sky (opening in the year 2019).



Photo of course (as Arles is very famous in this sphere) and contemporary art, but also quite a lot of other cultural objectives, environment and education, the projet intend to make Arles a main attractive artistic place for area.


And let us forget not nice little pocket museum Pierre André Benoit (PAB) in Alès (beautiful collection of artists of the beginning of XXth century and exhibitions), and in quite a different domain, the Musée du Désert(museum of the Protestantism) in Mialet, the Museum of the Silk in Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort…

In brief a lot to do the rainy days, before ending the afternoon by the fireplace with an herbal tea of verbena from the garden.